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Mentoring project France Spain Portugal GBIF - 14 - 16 october 2014


From the 14th to the 16th of October, 2014, GBIF France hosted the third and last meeting of the mentoring project between the French, Portuguese and Spanish GBIF nodes.

The meeting took place in the GBIF France premises at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris and concluded a rich exchange of experiences and expertises between the three nodes.

The subjects identified for this third session were citizen science (and more specifically the set-up of a website dedicated to the volunteer-based transcription of herbarium labels), data visualisation through the use of GBIF APIs, the use of statistic tools for the analysis of GBIF-accessed data, persistent identifiers and their appropriateness on different levels of data, and the advanced presentation of Atlas of Living Australia’s data portal.






Day 1

Block 1

Welcome. General presentation on GBIF France and informal discussion  [Anne-Sophie Archambeau]

Review the action points : progress since Lisbon meeting [All]

Block 2

Visit of Paris Herbarium

Block 3

General presentation of “Les herbonautes” [Marie-Elise Lecoq]

Block 4

Technical presentation of “Les herbonautes” [Marie-Elise Lecoq]

Day 2

Block 5

Use of the GBIF API , integration of statistics and maps in GBIF France’s website (based on Drupal) to highlight datapublishers contribution. [Gallien Labeyrie]

Block 6

Other statistics tools (occurrences, pseudo-absence, SAGG tool) [Sophie Pamerlon]

Discussion (DwC Archive validator, SAGG integration in ALA, etc.)

Block 7

Atlas of Living Australia [Santiago Martinez and Marie-Elise Lecoq] General presentation Hubs Restitution of the ALA workshop in Canberra

Block 8

Atlas of Living Australia [Santiago Martinez and Marie-Elise Lecoq]

Current and future developments Discussion

Day 3

Block 9

Permanent identifiers [Marie-Elise Lecoq]

Discussion [All]

Block 10

Wrap-up and conclusion [All]


General introduction on GBIF France (Anne Sophie Archambeau)

General and technical presentation of "Les herbonautes" (Marie-Elise Lecoq)

Use of GBIF API : Highlight datapublishers contribution (Gallien Labeyrie)

Other statistics tools (Sophie Pamerlon)

Data portals based on Atlas of Living Australia (Santiago Martinez de la Riva)

Permanent identifiers (Marie-Elise Lecoq)

Action Points (All)

Links to other mentoring sessions

Webpages for the Madrid and Lisbon meetings are available on GBIF Spain and GBIF Portugal websites.

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