Samedi 28 Mars 2020

Publications françaises liées au GBIF

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  • Jézéquel C,

    Tedesco P,

    Bigorne R,

    Maldonado-Ocampo J,

    Ortega H,

    Hidalgo M,

    Martens K,

    Torrente-Vilara G,

    Zuanon J,

    Acosta A,

    Agudelo E,

    Barrera Maure S,

    Bastos D,

    Bogotá Gregory J,

    Cabeceira F,

    Canto A,

    Carvajal-Vallejos F,

    Carvalho L,

    Cella-Ribeiro A,

    Covain R,

    Donascimiento C,

    Dória C,

    Duarte C,

    Ferreira E,

    Galuch A,

    Giarrizzo T,

    Leitão R,

    Lundberg J,

    Maldonado M,

    Mojica J,

    Montag L,

    Ohara W,

    Pires T,

    Pouilly M,

    Prada-Pedreros S,

    de Queiroz L,

    Rapp Py-Daniel L,

    Ribeiro F,

    Ríos Herrera R,

    Sarmiento J,

    Sousa L,

    Stegmann L,

    Valdiviezo-Rivera J,

    Villa F,

    Yunoki T,

    Oberdorff T,


    A database of freshwater fish species of the Amazon Basin

    Scientific Data

    The Amazon Basin is an unquestionable biodiversity hotspot, containing the highest freshwater biodiversity on earth and facing off a recent increase in anthropogenic threats. The current knowledge on the spatial distribution of the freshwater fish species is greatly deficient in this basin, preventi…

  • Poursanidis D,

    Kalogirou S,

    Azzurro E,

    Parravicini V,

    Bariche M,

    zu Dohna H,


    Habitat suitability, niche unfilling and the potential spread of Pterois miles in the Mediterranean Sea

    Marine Pollution Bulletin

    The common lionfish Pterois miles has rapidly spread across the eastern Mediterranean Sea. We compiled occurrence data from both native and invaded range under the framework of Species Distribution Modelling (SDM). Through a construction of an environmental suitability model and estimation of spread…

    Keywords :



    Niche unfilling,

    Species distribution,


  • Ropert-Coudert Y,

    Van de Putte A,

    Reisinger R,

    Bornemann H,

    Charrassin J,

    Costa D,

    Danis B,

    Hückstädt L,

    Jonsen I,

    Lea M,

    Thompson D,

    Torres L,

    Trathan P,

    Wotherspoon S,

    Ainley D,

    Alderman R,

    Andrews-Goff V,

    Arthur B,

    Ballard G,

    Bengtson J,

    Bester M,

    Blix A,

    Boehme L,

    Bost C,

    Boveng P,

    Cleeland J,

    Constantine R,

    Crawford R,

    Dalla Rosa L,

    Nico de Bruyn P,

    Delord K,

    Descamps S,

    Double M,

    Emmerson L,

    Fedak M,

    Friedlaender A,

    Gales N,

    Goebel M,

    Goetz K,

    Guinet C,

    Goldsworthy S,

    Harcourt R,

    Hinke J,

    Jerosch K,

    Kato A,

    Kerry K,

    Kirkwood R,

    Kooyman G,

    Kovacs K,

    Lawton K,

    Lowther A,

    Lydersen C,

    Lyver P,

    Makhado A,

    Márquez M,

    McDonald B,

    McMahon C,

    Muelbert M,

    Nachtsheim D,

    Nicholls K,

    Nordøy E,

    Olmastroni S,

    Phillips R,

    Pistorius P,

    Plötz J,

    Pütz K,

    Ratcliffe N,

    Ryan P,

    Santos M,

    Southwell C,

    Staniland I,

    Takahashi A,

    Tarroux A,

    Trivelpiece W,

    Wakefield E,

    Weimerskirch H,

    Wienecke B,

    Xavier J,

    Raymond B,

    Hindell M,


    The retrospective analysis of Antarctic tracking data project

    Scientific Data

    The Retrospective Analysis of Antarctic Tracking Data (RAATD) is a Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research project led jointly by the Expert Groups on Birds and Marine Mammals and Antarctic Biodiversity Informatics, and endorsed by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living R…

  • Frankiewicz K,

    Oskolski A,

    Banasiak ,

    Fernandes F,

    Reduron J,

    Reyes‐Betancort J,

    Szczeparska L,

    Alsarraf M,

    Baczyński J,

    Spalik K,


    Parallel evolution of arborescent carrots ( Daucus ) in Macaronesia

    American Journal of Botany

    Premise: Despite intensive research, the pathways and driving forces behind the evolution of derived woodiness on oceanic islands remain obscure. The genus Daucus comprises mostly herbs (therophytes, hemicryptophytes) with few rosette treelets (chamaephytes) endemic to various Macaronesian archipela…

    Keywords :





    habit evolution,

    insular woodiness,

    molecular dating,


    secondary woodiness,

    wood anatomy,

  • Renaud E,

    Baudry E,

    Bessa‐Gomes C,


    Influence of taxonomic resolution on mutualistic network properties

    Ecology and Evolution

    Ecologists are increasingly interested in plant–pollinator networks that synthesize in a single object the species and the interactions linking them within their ecological context. Numerous indices have been developed to describe the structural properties and resilience of these networks, but curre…

    Keywords :








    taxonomic resolution,

  • Préau C,

    Grandjean F,

    Sellier Y,

    Gailledrat M,

    Bertrand R,

    Isselin-Nondedeu F,


    Habitat patches for newts in the face of climate change: local scale assessment combining niche modelling and graph theory

    Scientific Reports

    Triturus cristatus and Triturus marmoratus are two protected and declining newts occurring in the administrative department of Vienne, in France. They have limited dispersal abilities and rely on the connectivity between habitats and their suitability. In a warming climate, the locations of suitable…

  • Zinger L,

    Donald J,

    Brosse S,

    Gonzalez M,

    Iribar A,

    Leroy C,

    Murienne J,

    Orivel J,

    Schimann H,

    Taberlet P,

    Lopes C,


    Advances and prospects of environmental DNA in neotropical rainforests

    Advances in Ecological Research

    The rainforests of the Neotropics shelter a vast diversity of plant, animal and microscopic species that provide critical ecosystem goods and services for both local and worldwide populations. These environments face a major crisis due to increased deforestation, pollution, and climate change, empha…

  • Hibdige S,

    Raimondeau P,

    Christin P,

    Dunning L,


    Phylogenetic relatedness, co-occurrence, and rhizomes increase lateral gene transfer among grasses


    Background: Lateral gene transfer (LGT) has been documented in a broad range of eukaryotes, where it can promote adaptation. In plants, LGT of functional nuclear genes has been repeatedly reported in parasitic plants, ferns and grasses, but the exact extent of the phenomenon remains unknown. Systema…

    Keywords :





    horizontal gene transfer,


  • Gallagher R,

    Falster D,

    Maitner B,

    Salguero-Gómez R,

    Vandvik V,

    Pearse W,

    Schneider F,

    Kattge J,

    Poelen J,

    Madin J,

    Ankenbrand M,

    Penone C,

    Feng X,

    Adams V,

    Alroy J,

    Andrew S,

    Balk M,

    Bland L,

    Boyle B,

    Bravo-Avila C,

    Brennan I,

    Carthey A,

    Catullo R,

    Cavazos B,

    Conde D,

    Chown S,

    Fadrique B,

    Gibb H,

    Halbritter A,

    Hammock J,

    Hogan J,

    Holewa H,

    Hope M,

    Iversen C,

    Jochum M,

    Kearney M,

    Keller A,

    Mabee P,

    Manning P,

    McCormack L,

    Michaletz S,

    Park D,

    Perez T,

    Pineda-Munoz S,

    Ray C,

    Rossetto M,

    Sauquet H,

    Sparrow B,

    Spasojevic M,

    Telford R,

    Tobias J,

    Violle C,

    Walls R,

    Weiss K,

    Westoby M,

    Wright I,

    Enquist B,


    Open Science principles for accelerating trait-based science across the Tree of Life

    Nature Ecology & Evolution

    Synthesizing trait observations and knowledge across the Tree of Life remains a grand challenge for biodiversity science. Species traits are widely used in ecological and evolutionary science, and new data and methods have proliferated rapidly. Yet accessing and integrating disparate data sources re…

  • Justine J,

    Winsor L,

    Gey D,

    Gros P,

    Thévenot J,


    Obama chez moi! The invasion of metropolitan France by the land planarian Obama nungara (Platyhelminthes, Geoplanidae)


    Obama nungara is a species of land flatworm originating from South America; the species was recently described and distinguished from a similar species, Obama marmorata. Obama nungara has invaded several countries of Europe, but the extent of the invasion has not been thoroughly mapped. Methods In…

    Keywords :

    Alien invasive species,


    Citizen science,


    Land planarians,


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