Jeudi 16 Août 2018

Publications françaises liées au GBIF

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  • Botella C,

    Bonnet P,

    Munoz F,

    Monestiez P,

    Joly A,


    Overview of GeoLifeCLEF 2018: location-based species recommendation

    CLEF 2018

    The GeoLifeCLEF challenge provides a testbed for the systemoriented evaluation of a geographic species recommendation service. The aim is to investigate location-based recommendation approaches in the context of large scale spatialized environmental data. This paper presents an overview of the resou…

    Keywords :



    big data,


    environmental data,


    species recommendation,

    visual data,

  • Woutersen A,

    Jardine P,

    Bogotá-Angel R,

    Zhang H,

    Silvestro D,

    Antonelli A,

    Gogna E,

    Erkens R,

    Gosling W,

    Dupont-Nivet G,

    Hoorn C,


    A novel approach to study the morphology and chemistry of pollen in a phylogenetic context, applied to the halophytic taxon Nitraria L.(Nitrariaceae)


    Nitraria is a halophytic taxon (i.e., adapted to saline environments) that belongs to the plant family Nitrariaceae and is distributed from the Mediterranean, across Asia into the south-eastern tip of Australia. This taxon is thought to have originated in Asia during the Paleogene (66–23 Ma), alongs…

  • Deneu B,

    Servajean M,

    Botella C,

    Joly A,


    Location-based species recommendation using co-occurrences and environment-GeoLifeCLEF 2018 challenge

    CLEF 2018

    This paper presents several approaches for plant predictions given their location in the context of the GeoLifeCLEF 2018 challenge. We have developed three kinds of prediction models, one convolutional neural network on environmental data (CNN), one neural network on co-occurrences data and two othe…

  • Dornelas M,

    Antão L,

    Moyes F,

    Bates A,

    Magurran A,

    Adam D,

    Akhmetzhanova A,

    Appeltans W,

    Arcos J,

    Arnold H,

    Ayyappan N,

    Badihi G,

    Baird A,

    Barbosa M,

    Barreto T,

    Bässler C,

    Bellgrove A,

    Belmaker J,

    Benedetti-Cecchi L,

    Bett B,

    Bjorkman A,

    Błażewicz M,

    Blowes S,

    Bloch C,

    Bonebrake T,

    Boyd S,

    Bradford M,

    Brooks A,

    Brown J,

    Bruelheide H,

    Budy P,

    Carvalho F,

    Castañeda-Moya E,

    Chen C,

    Chamblee J,

    Chase T,

    Siegwart Collier L,

    Collinge S,

    Condit R,

    Cooper E,

    Cornelissen J,

    Cotano U,

    Kyle Crow S,

    Damasceno G,

    Davies C,

    Davis R,

    Day F,

    Degraer S,

    Doherty T,

    Dunn T,

    Durigan G,

    Duffy J,

    Edelist D,

    Edgar G,

    Elahi R,

    Elmendorf S,

    Enemar A,

    Ernest S,

    Escribano R,

    Estiarte M,

    Evans B,

    Fan T,

    Turini Farah F,

    Loureiro Fernandes L,

    Farneda F,

    Fidelis A,

    Fitt R,

    Fosaa A,

    Daher Correa Franco G,

    Frank G,

    Fraser W,

    García H,

    Cazzolla Gatti R,

    Givan O,

    Gorgone-Barbosa E,

    Gould W,

    Gries C,

    Grossman G,

    Gutierréz J,

    Hale S,

    Harmon M,

    Harte J,

    Haskins G,

    Henshaw D,

    Hermanutz L,

    Hidalgo P,

    Higuchi P,

    Hoey A,

    Van Hoey G,

    Hofgaard A,

    Holeck K,

    Hollister R,

    Holmes R,

    Hoogenboom M,

    Hsieh C,

    Hubbell S,

    Huettmann F,

    Huffard C,

    Hurlbert A,

    Macedo Ivanauskas N,

    Janík D,

    Jandt U,

    Jażdżewska A,

    Johannessen T,

    Johnstone J,

    Jones J,

    Jones F,

    Kang J,

    Kartawijaya T,

    Keeley E,

    Kelt D,

    Kinnear R,

    Klanderud K,

    Knutsen H,

    Koenig C,

    Kortz A,

    Král K,

    Kuhnz L,

    Kuo C,

    Kushner D,

    Laguionie-Marchais C,

    Lancaster L,

    Min Lee C,

    Lefcheck J,

    Lévesque E,

    Lightfoot D,

    Lloret F,

    Lloyd J,

    López-Baucells A,

    Louzao M,

    Madin J,

    Magnússon B,

    Malamud S,

    Matthews I,

    McFarland K,

    McGill B,

    McKnight D,

    McLarney W,

    Meador J,

    Meserve P,

    Metcalfe D,

    Meyer C,

    Michelsen A,

    Milchakova N,

    Moens T,

    Moland E,

    Moore J,

    Mathias Moreira C,

    Müller J,

    Murphy G,

    Myers-Smith I,

    Myster R,

    Naumov A,

    Neat F,

    Nelson J,

    Paul Nelson M,

    Newton S,

    Norden N,

    Oliver J,

    Olsen E,

    Onipchenko V,

    Pabis K,

    Pabst R,

    Paquette A,

    Pardede S,

    Paterson D,

    Pélissier R,

    Peñuelas J,

    Pérez-Matus A,

    Pizarro O,

    Pomati F,

    Post E,

    Prins H,

    Priscu J,

    Provoost P,

    Prudic K,

    Pulliainen E,

    Ramesh B,

    Mendivil Ramos O,

    Rassweiler A,

    Rebelo J,

    Reed D,

    Reich P,

    Remillard S,

    Richardson A,

    Richardson J,

    van Rijn I,

    Rocha R,

    Rivera-Monroy V,

    Rixen C,

    Robinson K,

    Ribeiro Rodrigues R,

    de Cerqueira Rossa-Feres D,

    Rudstam L,

    Ruhl H,

    Ruz C,

    Sampaio E,

    Rybicki N,

    Rypel A,

    Sal S,

    Salgado B,

    Santos F,

    Savassi-Coutinho A,

    Scanga S,

    Schmidt J,

    Schooley R,

    Setiawan F,

    Shao K,

    Shaver G,

    Sherman S,

    Sherry T,

    Siciński J,

    Sievers C,

    da Silva A,

    Rodrigues da Silva F,

    Silveira F,

    Slingsby J,

    Smart T,

    Snell S,

    Soudzilovskaia N,

    Souza G,

    Maluf Souza F,

    Castro Souza V,

    Stallings C,

    Stanforth R,

    Stanley E,

    Mauro Sterza J,

    Stevens M,

    Stuart-Smith R,

    Rondon Suarez Y,

    Supp S,

    Yoshio Tamashiro J,

    Tarigan S,

    Thiede G,

    Thorn S,

    Tolvanen A,

    Teresa Zugliani Toniato M,

    Totland ,

    Twilley R,

    Vaitkus G,

    Valdivia N,

    Vallejo M,

    Valone T,

    Van Colen C,

    Vanaverbeke J,

    Venturoli F,

    Verheye H,

    Vianna M,

    Vieira R,

    Vrška T,

    Quang Vu C,

    Van Vu L,

    Waide R,

    Waldock C,

    Watts D,

    Webb S,

    Wesołowski T,

    White E,

    Widdicombe C,

    Wilgers D,

    Williams R,

    Williams S,

    Williamson M,

    Willig M,

    Willis T,

    Wipf S,

    Woods K,

    Woehler E,

    Zawada K,

    Zettler M,


    BioTIME: A database of biodiversity time series for the Anthropocene

    Global Ecology and Biogeography

    Motivation: The BioTIME database contains raw data on species identities and abundances in ecological assemblages through time. These data enable users to calculate temporal trends in biodiversity within and amongst assemblages using a broad range of metrics. BioTIME is being developed as a communit…

    Keywords :




    species richness,



  • Gherghel I,

    Brischoux F,

    Papeş M,


    Using biotic interactions in broad-scale estimates of species’ distributions

    Journal of Biogeography

    Aim: To examine the combined effect of abiotic and biotic factors on species distributions in a marine environment. Specifically, we aim to account for the effects of trophic interactions at broad scales in ecological niche models (ENMs) of sea kraits (Laticauda: Reptilia) by including the potential…

    Keywords :


    ecological niche modelling,

    resource availability,

    sea kraits,

    species distributionmodelling,

    species’ interactions,

  • Muller-Karger F,

    Miloslavich P,

    Bax N,

    Simmons S,

    Costello M,

    Sousa Pinto I,

    Canonico G,

    Turner W,

    Gill M,

    Montes E,

    Best B,

    Pearlman J,

    Halpin P,

    Dunn D,

    Benson A,

    Martin C,

    Weatherdon L,

    Appeltans W,

    Provoost P,

    Klein E,

    Kelble C,

    Miller R,

    Chavez F,

    Iken K,

    Chiba S,

    Obura D,

    Navarro L,

    Pereira H,

    Allain V,

    Batten S,

    Benedetti-Checchi L,

    Duffy J,

    Kudela R,

    Rebelo L,

    Shin Y,

    Geller G,


    Advancing Marine Biological Observations and Data Requirements of the Complementary Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) and Essential Biodiversity Variab…

    Frontiers in Marine Science

    Measurements of the status and trends of key indicators for the ocean and marine life are required to inform policy and management in the context of growing human uses of marine resources, coastal development, and climate change. Two synergistic efforts identify specific priority variables for monit…

    Keywords :

    essential biodiversity variables (EBV),

    essential ocean variables (EOV),

    global ocean observing system (GOOS),

    integrated marine biosphere research (IMBeR),

    marine biodiversity observation network (MBON),

    marine global earth observatory (MarineGEO),

    ocean biogeographic information system (OBIS),

  • Migliore J,

    Baumel A,

    Leriche A,

    Juin M,

    Médail F,


    Surviving glaciations in the Mediterranean region: an alternative to the long-term refugia hypothesis

    Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society

    The simultaneous application of species distribution modelling (SDM) and study of genetic imprints left by range dynamics is appropriate when examining the biogeographical processes that have favoured the survival of plants through past climate changes. Nevertheless, such an approach is rarely perfo…

    Keywords :


    Myrtus communis (myrtle,

    Quaternary glaciations,



    range shift,


    species distribution modelling,



    Advances and challenges in barcoding of microbes, parasites, and their vectors and reservoirs


    DNA barcoding is now a common tool in parasitology and epidemiology, which require good methods for identification not only of parasites and pathogens but vectors and reservoirs. This special issue presents some advances and challenges in barcoding of microbes, parasites, and their vectors and reser…

    Keywords :


    DNA barcoding,

    MALDI–TOF barcoding,

    R packages,



    legal issues,

    next-generation sequencing,


  • Fargier N,


    In Search of a Sustainable Model for Digital Heritage Repositories: A Case Study

    22nd International Conference on Electronic Publishing

    A wide range of initiatives for developing research and data infrastructures have been funded in recent years. There is a growing concern amongst the academic community to maintain the resources invested beyond the period of the original research funding. If technical progress has been made to prese…

    Keywords :

    Practitioner’s paper,

    data repositories,

    digitized documentary heritage,

    open access,

    open data,


  • Nygren A,

    Parapar J,

    Pons J,

    Meißner K,

    Bakken T,

    Kongsrud J,

    Oug E,

    Gaeva D,

    Sikorski A,

    Johansen R,

    Hutchings P,

    Lavesque N,

    Capa M,


    A mega-cryptic species complex hidden among one of the most common annelids in the North East Atlantic


    We investigate mitochondrial (COI, 16S rDNA) and nuclear (ITS2, 28S rDNA) genetic structure of North East Atlantic lineages of Terebellides, a genus of sedentary annelids mainly inhabiting continental shelf and slope sediments. We demonstrate the presence of more than 25 species of which only seven …

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