Mercredi 22 Janvier 2020

Publications françaises liées au GBIF

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  • Duchenne F,

    Thébault E,

    Michez D,

    Elias M,

    Drake M,

    Persson M,

    Piot J,

    Pollet M,

    Vanormelingen P,

    Fontaine C,


    Phenological shifts alter the seasonal structure of pollinator assemblages in Europe

    Nature Ecology & Evolution

    Pollinators play an important role in terrestrial ecosystems by providing key ecosystem functions and services to wild plants and crops, respectively. The sustainable provision of such ecosystem functions and services requires diverse pollinator communities over the seasons. Despite evidence that cl…

  • Ruiz-Benito P,

    Vacchiano G,

    Lines E,

    Reyer C,

    Ratcliffe S,

    Morin X,

    Hartig F,

    Mäkelä A,

    Yousefpour R,

    Chaves J,

    Palacios-Orueta A,

    Benito-Garzón M,

    Morales-Molino C,

    Camarero J,

    Jump A,

    Kattge J,

    Lehtonen A,

    Ibrom A,

    Owen H,

    Zavala M,


    Available and missing data to model impact of climate change on European forests

    Ecological Modelling

    Climate change is expected to cause major changes in forest ecosystems during the 21st century and beyond. To assess forest impacts from climate change, the existing empirical information must be structured, harmonised and assimilated into a form suitable to develop and test state-of-the-art forest …

    Keywords :

    climatic extremes,

    data accessibility,

    data integration,


    forest responses to climate change,


    open access,

  • Howell K,

    Davies J,

    Allcock A,

    Braga-Henriques A,

    Buhl-Mortensen P,

    Carreiro-Silva M,

    Dominguez-Carrió C,

    Durden J,

    Foster N,

    Game C,

    Hitchin B,

    Horton T,

    Hosking B,

    Jones D,

    Mah C,

    Laguionie Marchais C,

    Menot L,

    Morato T,

    Pearman T,

    Piechaud N,

    Ross R,

    Ruhl H,

    Saeedi H,

    Stefanoudis P,

    Taranto G,

    Thompson M,

    Taylor J,

    Tyler P,

    Vad J,

    Victorero L,

    Vieira R,

    Woodall L,

    Xavier J,

    Wagner D,


    A framework for the development of a global standardised marine taxon reference image database (SMarTaR-ID) to support image-based analyses


    Video and image data are regularly used in the field of benthic ecology to document biodiversity. However, their use is subject to a number of challenges, principally the identification of taxa within the images without associated physical specimens. The challenge of applying traditional taxonomic k…

  • Chassot E,

    Sabarros P,

    Maufroy A,

    Ruiz J,

    Ramos M,

    Barreau E,

    Barde J,


    Collecting information on the pelagic phase of marine turtles from at-sea observations: The case of purse seine fisheries in the Indian Ocean

    Working Party on Data Collection and Statistics (WPDCS)

    Observations of turtles in the open-ocean are essential to complement the information collected at nesting sites and rookeries, especially during the ‘lost years’ of their surface-pelagic juvenile phase. We used a large dataset of observations at sea collected onboard Seychelles, Spanish and French …

  • Stevance A,

    Bridgewater P,

    Louafi S,

    King N,

    Beard T,

    Van Jaarsveld A,

    Ofir Z,

    Kohsaka R,

    Jenderedijan K,

    Rosales Benites M,

    Mulongoy K,

    Chaudhari K,

    Painter J,

    Meter A,


    The 2019 review of IPBES and future priorities: reaching beyond assessment to enhance policy impact

    Ecosystems and People

    The Intergovernmental Science–Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) is an independent scientific body focused on assessing the state of the world’s ecosystem services and biodiversity. IPBES members agreed in 2017 that a review of the Platform’s first work programme should b…

    Keywords :



    boundary organization,

    ecosystem services,

    nature’s contributions to people,


    policy interface,

    science evaluation,

  • Grenié M,

    Violle C,

    Munoz F,


    Is prediction of species richness from stacked species distribution models biased by habitat saturation?

    Ecological Indicators

    Several studies have proposed to predict Species Richness (SR) by combining the predictions of independent Species Distributions Models (SDMs) (the predict first-assemble later strategy). Alternative methods propose to combine outputs from SDMs differently, by either summing predicted presence proba…

    Keywords :

    Habitat saturation,

    Predicted presence probabilities,

    Species richness,

    Stacked species distribution models,

    Threshold-based presence prediction,

  • Enquist B,

    Feng X,

    Boyle B,

    Maitner B,

    Newman E,

    Jørgensen P,

    Roehrdanz P,

    Thiers B,

    Burger J,

    Corlett R,

    Couvreur T,

    Dauby G,

    Donoghue J,

    Foden W,

    Lovett J,

    Marquet P,

    Merow C,

    Midgley G,

    Morueta-Holme N,

    Neves D,

    Oliveira-Filho A,

    Kraft N,

    Park D,

    Peet R,

    Pillet M,

    Serra-Diaz J,

    Sandel B,

    Schildhauer M,

    Šímová I,

    Violle C,

    Wieringa J,

    Wiser S,

    Hannah L,

    Svenning J,

    McGill B,


    The commonness of rarity: Global and future distribution of rarity across land plants

    Science Advances

    A key feature of life’s diversity is that some species are common but many more are rare. Nonetheless, at global scales, we do not know what fraction of biodiversity consists of rare species. Here, we present the largest compilation of global plant diversity to quantify the fraction of Earth’s plant…

  • Cohen M,

    Dubucs H,

    Clauzel C,

    Grésillon ,

    Kyriazis A,


    Greening the desert to promote urban resilience? A study case in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

    ILUS International Land Use Symposium 2019

    Urban resilience is a global concern, due to the concomitance of climate change and urbanization process. This is particularly true in Abu Dhabi, a rapid growing city in a coastal desert environment. Green infrastructure is considered a key tool for urban resilience and is promoted by the recent Gre…

    Keywords :

    urban biodiversity,


     sustainable cities,

  • Rosa I,

    Purvis A,

    Alkemade R,

    Chaplin-Kramer R,

    Ferrier S,

    Guerra C,

    Hurtt G,

    Kim H,

    Leadley P,

    Martins I,

    Popp A,

    Schipper A,

    van Vuuren D,

    Pereira H,


    Challenges in producing policy-relevant global scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services

    Global Ecology and Conservation

    Scenario-based modelling is a powerful tool to describe relationships between plausible trajectories of drivers, possible policy interventions, and impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Model inter-comparisons are key in quantifying uncertainties and identifying avenues for model improveme…

    Keywords :


    Ecosystem services,

    Ensemble projections,


    Policy support,


  • Gazaix A,

    Klesczewski M,

    Bouchet M,

    Cartereau M,

    Molina J,

    Michaud H,

    Muller S,

    Pirsoul L,

    Gauthier P,

    Grillas P,

    Thompson J,


    A history of discoveries and disappearances of the rare annual plant Lythrum thesioides M.Bieb.: new insights into its ecology and biology

    Botany Letters

    Mediterranean temporary pools are threatened ecosystems that host a unique plant community, mostly composed of annual species with large and long-lived seed banks. The longevity of their seed bank, the scarcity of their habitat, the small size of their populations and the low frequency of above-grou…

    Keywords :



    ecological niche,

    historical ecology,


    temporary pool,

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