Vendredi 23 Février 2018

Publications françaises liées au GBIF

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  • Dauby G,

    Stévart T,

    Droissart V,

    Cosiaux A,

    Deblauwe V,

    Simo-Droissart M,

    Sosef M,

    Lowry P,

    Schatz G,

    Gereau R,

    Couvreur T,


    ConR : An R package to assist large-scale multispecies preliminary conservation assessments using distribution data

    Ecology and Evolution

    The Red List Categories and the accompanying five criteria developed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) provide an authoritative and comprehensive methodology to assess the conservation status of organisms. Red List criterion B, which principally uses distribution data, is …

    Keywords :


    area of occupancy,

    criterion B,

    distribution range,

    extent of occurrence,


    preliminary status,

    threatened taxa,

  • Prosperi J,

    Lamxay V,

    Hallé F,

    Bompard J,

    Blanc P,

    Ramesh B,

    Ayyappan N,

    Cardinal S,



    Edinburgh Journal of Botany

    The flora of Laos remains one of the least known within the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot. A floristic inventory was carried out in Phou Hin Poun National Biodiversity Conservation Area, an under-explored area of the Khammouane Limestone. This study provides a list of 27 taxa that are additions to…

    Keywords :


    Khammouane Limestone,


    canopy access,



    new records.,

  • Rodríguez-Machado S,

    Ponce de León J,

    Casane D,

    García-Machado E,


    Morphology and genetics reveal the occurrence of Girardinus falcatus (Eigenmann, 1903) (Cyprinodontiformes, Poeciliidae) in eastern Cuba

    Check List

    Girardinus is a Cuban genus of poeciliid fishes. It comprises 7 freshwater-restricted species most of them inhabiting specific ecosystems or regions within the island. Girardinus falcatus, the Gold-bellied Topminnow, is common in lowlands of western and central Cuba but thought not to be present in …

    Keywords :

    Cytochrome b,

    Gold-belly Topminnow,

    freshwater ecosystems,


    range extension,

  • Garmier M,

    Gentzbittel L,

    Wen J,

    Mysore K,

    Ratet P,


    Medicago truncatula : Genetic and Genomic Resources

    Current Protocols in Plant Biology

    Medicago truncatula was chosen by the legume community, along with Lotus japonicus, as a model plant to study legume biology. Since then, numerous resources and tools have been developed for M. truncatula. These include, for example, its genome sequence, core ecotype collections, transformation/rege…

    Keywords :

    genetic diversity,

    genome sequence,


    insertion mutagenesis,

    medicago truncatula,


  • Mellert K,

    Lenoir J,

    Winter S,

    Kölling C,

    Čarni A,

    Dorado-Liñán I,

    Gégout J,

    Göttlein A,

    Hornstein D,

    Jantsch M,

    Juvan N,

    Kolb E,

    López-Senespleda E,

    Menzel A,

    Stojanović D,

    Täger S,

    Tsiripidis I,

    Wohlgemuth T,

    Ewald J,


    Soil water storage appears to compensate for climatic aridity at the xeric margin of European tree species distribution

    European Journal of Forest Research

    Based on macroecological data, we test the hypothesis whether European tree species of temperate and boreal distribution maintain their water and nutrient supply in the more arid southern margin of their distribution range by shifting to more fertile soils with higher water storage than in their hum…

    Keywords :

    Climatic aridity,

    Edaphic conditions,

    European soil database,

    Forest ecosystems,


    Soil nutrient status,

  • Porco D,

    Chang C,

    Dupont L,

    James S,

    Richard B,

    Decaëns T,


    A reference library of DNA barcodes for the earthworms from Upper Normandy: Biodiversity assessment, new records, potential cases of cryptic diversity…

    Applied Soil Ecology

    This study presents the assemblage of an exhaustive reference library for one of the major groups of soil invertebrates, earthworms, focused on the long sampled French location of Upper Normandy. Previous morphological appraisal of the diversity, enumerated 20 species in the area. After an extensive…

    Keywords :

    Cryptic diversity,

    DNA barcodes,

    Diversity assessment,


    MOTU delineation,

  • GENU M,


    Relative importance of different mecanisms underlying fish response to climate change

    Global change constitutes a severe threat against marine ecosystems stability. These systems are composed of different species and of their interactions, between themselves but also with the environment. Perturbation of the environment might break ecosystem balance, and could affect the whole system…

    Keywords :

    IPCC projection,


    Ocean warming,

    multiple processes,

  • Lajaunie C,

    Ho C,


    Pathogens collections, biobanks and related-data in a One Health legal and ethical perspective


    Research on emerging infectious diseases calls for a work on collections of pathogens (including hosts or vectors from which the pathogens were isolated), related to human and animal health, to wildlife or on the environmental material. In this respect, the adoption of a One Health perspective is de…

  • Frazão D,

    Raimundo J,

    Domingues J,

    Quintela-Sabarís C,

    Gonçalves J,

    Delgado F,


    Cistus ladanifer (Cistaceae): a natural resource in Mediterranean-type ecosystems


    Cistus ladanifer is a dominant shrub species endemic to the western Mediterranean region. Due to its dominant nature and its potential ecological, aromatic or pharmacological applications, C. ladanifer has been the object of numerous studies. In this review current knowledge on different aspects of …

    Keywords :



    Competitive traits,




  • Virto L,


    A preliminary assessment of indicators for SDG 14 on “Oceans”

    ‘Tackling the Challenges of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Monitoring’ is an important topic of which at different levels of government actors are facing many challenges. Hence, this Issue paper focuses on indicators for the SDG 14 on oceans, seas and marine resources, which consists of 10 indiv…

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